Download flash projector for Realm of the Mad God

flash projector rotmg

Download the Flash Player projector

Download > run flashplayer_32_sa.exe (its projector, not basic flash player)

Problems? See below

flash projector error rotmg

How fix Enable to load language [en]

D'oh, this isn't good

An error occupred:

Enable to load language [en]

Easy way

Download LangFix for rotmg

Hard way

  1. start projector
  2. right click
  3. global settings
  4. additionals
  5. trusted folder
  6. add folder
  7. add your game folder. E:/rotmg for me. Or domain for web play. Like rotmg.io or realmofthemadgod.com
  8. save

flash projector error rotmg

flash projector error rotmg

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